Are Energy-Efficient Windows Worth the Investment?

are-energy-efficient-windows-worth-itMany homeowners replace their windows with energy-efficient upgrades because of the advertised benefits related to lower heating and cooling costs. Indeed, according to the ENERGY STAR® program, homeowners who replace standard single-pane windows with energy-efficient upgrades can expect to save between $101 and $583 a year on their energy bills. However, ENERGY STAR cautions that a number of factors can affect any given homeowner’s actual savings, including local climate conditions and utility rates. Moreover, homeowners who outfit their entire home with energy-efficient windows are likely to reap greater financial rewards than those who replace only one or two windows.

The Big Picture: Rewards Beyond Energy Savings

As with any home upgrade, the return on your investment in energy-efficient windows depends on more than a single metric. Replacing your windows can lead to payoffs beyond lower energy bills. Here are a few of them:

Increased Home Value

Experts say homeowners can recoup 70% to 80% of their energy-efficient window investment when they sell their homes. Moreover, houses with energy-efficient windows attract more buyer interest, which could lead to a faster sale when you put your home on the market.

Less Noise Intrusion

Tired of being awakened early on weekends by the sound of your neighbor’s lawnmower? The advanced insulation and construction techniques required for energy efficiency also create windows that buffer noise far better than ordinary house windows.

Exceptional Durability With Less Upkeep Required

The best energy-efficient windows on the market are crafted with advanced materials like fiberglass, which doesn’t conduct hot and cold temperatures the way many other common window-frame materials do. Fiberglass is also exceptionally strong and weather resistant, making fiberglass windows one of the industry’s top performers when it comes to low maintenance.

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