Are Fiberglass Windows Better Than Wood Windows?

are-fiberglass-windows-better-than-woodWood-frame windows have been around for hundreds of years and, with proper maintenance, a high-quality wood window can last a long time. But that caveat about maintenance—that’s the rub, isn’t it? Wood-frame windows require sanding and repainting every few years to look their best, and they’re susceptible to rot and insect infestation. These are top reasons why fiberglass windows have become a popular alternative for many homeowners, especially in the Cincinnati area. Fiberglass windows won’t rot or succumb to termites—ever—and they don’t require any maintenance other than an occasional cleaning. This means busy homeowners can use their time to pursue activities that are more fun and meaningful than maintaining their windows.

Fiberglass windows are also far more resistant than their wood counterparts to the expansion-and-contraction cycle that home windows undergo each year during seasonal temperature changes. This is an important perk because when a window frame shrinks and swells, it puts stress on the window seal. Over the course of time, a weakened window seal can lead to air infiltration, which can undermine the energy efficiency of your windows, or water leaks, which can potentially lead to structural damage.

Infinity® from Marvin Fiberglass Windows

At Holmes Custom Renovations, we’ve been so impressed by Infinity® from Marvin windows that the fiberglass windows from this innovative manufacturer are the only ones we sell and install. Here are two important reasons why:

Impressive Strength

Marvin’s exclusive Ultrex® fiberglass is three times stronger than wood, which means Infinity® frames can be strikingly slender and still securely hold large expanses of glass. This feature contributes to both the sleek appearance of the windows and the exceptionally generous views of the outdoors.

Remarkable Beauty

Infinity® windows are lovely to behold, but if you have your heart set on wood-frame windows, you can choose the manufacturer’s EverWood simulated-woodgrain frames for your home’s interior. EverWood can be stained like wood, but it’s an inorganic material that won’t require the ongoing maintenance that wood frames do. You’ll also have many decorative options to choose from, so you can make your fiberglass windows truly your own.

Interested? If you’re thinking of upgrading your Cincinnati-area home with fiberglass windows, contact Holmes Custom Renovations today and we’ll be happy to tell you more.