Where to Find the Best Windows for Your House in Loveland, OH

best-house-windows-lovelandEver since fiberglass windows came on the local market, they’ve been hard to beat, and one of the reasons has to do with the climate in the Ohio Valley region. Fiberglass window frames are far more resistant to swelling and shrinking than frames crafted from wood or vinyl. And that characteristic alone makes fiberglass windows the best option for homes in the Loveland area, where seasonal temperature extremes and high humidity can cause inferior house windows to deteriorate quickly.

If you’re looking to receive the best bang for your buck in replacement windows for your house in the Loveland area, you can simplify your task by partnering with Holmes Custom Renovations. We’ve known for many years that fiberglass windows were the best option for our customers, and we’ve been the region’s authorized dealer for Infinity® from Marvin windows—one of the nation’s top brands of fiberglass windows—since 2014.

Why Are Infinity Windows the Best Choice for Loveland-Area Homes?

In addition to offering exceptional weather resistance, Infinity window frames are remarkably strong. This allows the manufacturer to craft windows with noticeably slender frames that are robust enough to hold large expanses of glass without risking damage to the window seal. The result? Gorgeous windows that provide generous views of the outdoors and lend a sophisticated, streamlined appearance to any home’s exterior design.

Infinity windows are also the best house windows for those who want ultra-durable and low-maintenance upgrades but worry that they’ll miss the classic appearance of wood. Infinity’s EverWood interior frames are exquisitely crafted to look just like wood. And, unlike the woodgrain simulations of other window brands, EverWood frames can be stained to match the wood features in your home. Additionally, Infinity windows are:

  • Customizable to suit your taste, with a wide array of styles, colors, glass, and hardware options to choose from
  • Exceptionally energy efficient, which means they can help keep your heating and cooling costs in check
  • Backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind

Also important: The house windows you receive from our company will be installed by highly trained technicians who strictly adhere to the best industry practices. Contact Holmes Custom Renovations today to learn more.