Exterior Remodeling for 2016

The value of your home is determined by several factors: location, age, upkeep, and curb appeal. There is plenty of information out there about remodeling the interior of a home to increase its livability and value, but what about the exterior? The exterior of your home offers friends, family, neighbors, and visitors a first impression. It’s the key to getting interested parties through the door when you’re ready to sell and it’s what you see first every day when you come home when you’re planning to stay put.

The exterior of your home shouldn’t be neglected! It should reflect your personal taste and the overall tone of your neighborhood.

If your home doesn’t feel right when you drive up, if you worry about how friends will react the first time they see your home, or if you are simply ready for an update, consider some of these remodeling trends we’re likely to see in 2016.


Chipping, worn, or outdated paint colors can have a terrible impact on a home’s curb appeal. New paint can change the entire appearance of your home. Choose something that appeals to you and fits in nicely with your surroundings and neighborhood to boost curb appeal dramatically.


If your home’s siding is out-of-date, consider replacing it with modern, vinyl siding in a color that speaks to you. Replacing siding can give your home a miraculous transformation—making it look like new overnight!


Not only can new windows make a difference with your energy bills (if you’re replacing single pane windows, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by lower energy bills) but they also offer an affordable way to give your home a whole new look.


The main focal point of your home is your front door. Does it communicate your personal taste? If not, this is an extremely easy way to update the appearance of your home. You can find plenty of options, many with additional security measures that an older door won’t have.

No matter what you have planned for your home this year, we can help you transform it into a space that you’re proud of. Give us a call to find out more. 513.791.3230.