Beautiful, Energy-Efficient Windows for Your Home in Cincinnati, OH

energy-efficient-window-cincinnatiEverywhere you look these days—on television, the internet, and in many magazines—you’re probably seeing advertisements for energy-efficient windows. So now that it’s time to replace the windows of your home, you figure you’ll invest in new windows that can potentially help you cut your home heating and cooling costs. But wading through the many options on the market can be exhausting, and you also want to get windows that will suit your fancy and last a long time. How do you select the best energy-efficient windows to meet your needs?

If you live in the Cincinnati area, you can turn to Holmes Custom Renovations. We’ve been helping homeowners in this area remodel their homes since 2003, and we understand the importance of investing in energy-efficient windows and other upgrades that will also boost curb appeal.

Custom-Crafted to Protect Ohio Valley Homes

The Infinity® fiberglass replacement windows we install for homeowners in this area are made to order for each home by the respected experts at Marvin. Investing in custom windows will provide you with many benefits, not the least of which is the opportunity to select the energy-efficient glass package that’s ideal for protecting your wallet against high heating and cooling bills. We’ll help you evaluate the features that are available and choose the ones that can reduce your energy consumption in both winter, when temperatures drop below freezing, and summer, when they can soar into the 90s.

Infinity windows are among the most energy-efficient windows on the market, and one of the reasons is their remarkable strength. The frames are exquisitely crafted from the manufacturer’s proprietary Ultrex® fiberglass, which is far stronger than more traditional window-frame options such as vinyl and wood. Fiberglass is also far less susceptible to the expansion-and-contraction cycle that occurs with many other window-frame materials as outdoor temperatures fluctuate from hot to cold. This resistance helps improve the integrity of the window seal, thus dramatically reducing the risk of air infiltration that could undermine the energy-efficient performance you expect.

Of course, there are many other reasons to choose Infinity fiberglass windows for your Cincinnati home, not the least of which is that they’re gorgeous! You’ll have many customization options to choose from, including the opportunity to pair lovely woodgrain interior frames with fiberglass exterior frames for the ultimate in beauty, strength, and durability. They’re also available in a generous array of styles, including single- and double-hung, slider, casement, awning, bay, bow, and specialty shapes. Moreover, the ultra-strong frames can hold exceptionally large expanses of glass, which means you’ll be able to enjoy superior panoramic views when compared with replacement windows marketed by the competition.

With so much going for them, there’s little wonder that Infinity windows were recently ranked No. 1 in customer satisfaction in a J.D. Power and Associates survey.

The Importance of Expert Window Installation

Selecting energy-efficient windows is only step one in your quest to help lower your energy bills—you’ll also need to make sure you’re partnering with a highly qualified window installer. Holmes Custom Renovations has been an authorized Infinity dealer for many years, and we achieved that distinction only after demonstrating our exceptional installation expertise and dedication to following the best industry practices. This means you can feel confident that the replacement windows you purchase from our company will be properly installed, and you won’t have to worry that a poor installation will undermine the thermal performance you expect.

To learn more about the industry-leading energy-efficient windows we install for homeowners throughout the Cincinnati area, contact Holmes Custom Renovations today.