How to Choose Siding Colors for Your Home in Cincinnati, OH

how-to-choose-home-siding-colorsAre you getting ready to replace the siding on your home in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area? If so, you may be thinking of changing the color, or perhaps adding a touch of visual intrigue to your home’s exterior with contrasting colors or multiple shades of the same hue. Choosing new exterior colors is a great way to put your personal stamp on your home, but you’ll also want to consider several factors before you begin. Here are a few of them:

Architectural Style

The architectural style of your home will undoubtedly influence your selection of siding colors. For example, colonial-style homes have traditionally sported relatively simple color schemes, such as white siding with black shutters. Many homeowners today are experimenting with alternatives, but you’ll likely want to avoid overly bright colors that clash with the stately appearance of your colonial-style home.

Your Roof Color

Unless you’re also planning to replace your roof, you’ll need to choose siding that complements the color of your existing roof. Generally speaking, experts recommend that your pair warm-colored siding (such as tan, beige, or brown) with a similarly colored roof. Cool colors (such as blue, gray, or green) often look best with black or gray roofs. James Hardie is a well-known fiber cement siding manufacturer that offers an array of color-planning tools so that homeowners can virtually see the results of various color combinations for siding and roofs before making color selections.

Size of Your Home

Another great reason to experiment with the James Hardie color planning tools is that some hues can make a small home look tinier or a large home look gloomy and uninviting. Virtually visualizing various color combinations on a home similar to yours can help you make a decision you’ll be happy with for decades.

Neighborhood Setting

Naturally, you’ll want to choose siding colors that express your personal style and boost your home’s curb appeal without creating an eyesore in your neighborhood. You may also have homeowners’ association restrictions to consider as you choose new siding for your home.

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