Replacement Windows for Homes in Madeira, OH

replacement-windows-madeiraIf you’re in the market for replacement windows for your home in the Madeira, Ohio, area, the best company to turn to is Holmes Custom Renovations. We expertly install custom fiberglass-frame windows that are far superior to windows with wood or vinyl frames. Here are some of the ways our windows stand out:

Exceptional Strength

The replacement windows we install for homeowners throughout this area are exquisitely crafted with patented pultruded fiberglass, which creates frames that are eight times stronger than vinyl frames and three times stronger than vinyl-and-wood composite frames. This superior strength translates into better protection against seal failure, which can lead to air and water leaks. Moreover, our windows’ ultra-sturdy fiberglass frames are able to securely cradle extra-large expanses of glass, thus providing the ultimate view of the outdoors.

Better Energy Efficiency

Our fiberglass replacement windows meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® standards for house windows in this region, which means you can feel confident about their ability to help you reduce your demand on your heating and cooling systems. Additionally, fiberglass doesn’t expand and contract the way vinyl and wood do when temperatures fluctuate between cold and hot, which can compromise the thermal performance of your windows. These features make fiberglass replacement windows the ideal solution for homes in Madeira and surrounding communities.

Undeniable Beauty

The sleek fiberglass frames of our replacement windows provide a sophisticated appearance that flatters all types of home architecture. These windows are also available in all the popular styles, including single- and double-hung, casement, sliding glass, specialty shape, and more. There are also numerous aesthetic options to choose from, and the experts at Holmes Custom Renovations will be happy to help you select the features that will best complement your specific home.

For more information about the beautiful fiberglass replacement windows we install for homeowners throughout the Madeira area, contact Holmes Custom Renovations today.