Trust Holmes Custom Renovations for Beautiful Windows that Are Made to Order for Your Home in Mason, OH

custom-windows-mason-ohIf you’re like many discerning homeowners in Mason and neighboring parts of Ohio, you believe the beautiful, tailored appearance that custom replacement windows can bring to a home is well worth the investment. Indeed, when you choose custom-manufactured windows, you won’t have to worry that the mass-produced windows you ordered will require adjustments to the openings in your home to provide a snug fit. You won’t be concerned that those adjustments may include the use of inferior-grade materials that will mar the beauty of your new windows. What’s more, you won’t have to trust that your window installer can make those adjustments without compromising the ability of your replacement windows to keep water and air out of your home.

Distinctive beauty and reliable performance are two key reasons to choose custom windows when it’s time for a replacement project at your home. However, there are many more, including the ability to choose the features that are most important to you as a homeowner. At Holmes Custom Renovations, we install top-quality fiberglass windows that are made to order because they provide our customers with the highest degree of satisfaction.

Custom Windows that Cater to Your Preferences

When you turn to our company for custom windows, we’ll help you sort through the options and select the features that you find most appealing. You’ll have choices for:


Our fiberglass windows are available in many popular styles, including double-hung, casement, awning, and specialty shapes.

Energy Efficiency

All of the windows we install are ENERGY STAR® certified, but you’ll have the option of choosing upgrades that can maximize the thermal performance of your custom windows.

Decorative Options

The custom fiberglass windows we install are available in a wide array of colors for the interior and exterior frames, as well as a variety of grilles and a selection of hardware finishes.

To learn more about the exceptional custom windows we install for homeowners throughout the Mason area, contact Holmes Custom Renovations today and request a free in-home consultation.