Energy-Efficient Windows for Homes in Mariemont, OH

energy-efficient-windows-mariemontAre you on the hunt for energy-efficient replacement windows that can potentially help you cut your home heating and cooling costs? If you live in the Mariemont, Ohio, area, make sure you consider the beautiful and energy-efficient fiberglass windows available from Holmes Custom Renovations. We expertly install industry-leading Infinity® from Marvin fiberglass windows, which are ideal for customers who want to improve the energy efficiency of their homes while also enhancing curb appeal.

What Makes These Energy-Efficient Windows Better Than Others?

The windows we install for homeowners throughout this region have all the energy-saving features required for ENERGY STAR® certification, including multi-pane glass, insulating gas fills, and heat-reflective glass coatings. The manufacturer also offers optional features that can increase energy efficiency to the max. However, the characteristics of Marvin’s proprietary Ultrex® fiberglass frames are what really sets these energy-efficient windows apart from others on the market.

The fiberglass frames of Infinity® windows are eight times stronger than vinyl and three times stronger than wood, which makes them exceptionally durable. What’s more, fiberglass doesn’t expand and contract as the temperatures rise and fall the way vinyl and wood materials do, and fiberglass also provides superior resistance to moisture absorption. These inherent characteristics of fiberglass make our windows more resistant to seal failure, which can lead to air and water infiltration and undermine the energy efficiency of your windows.

Moreover, the strength of fiberglass and the aesthetic options available from the manufacturer mean you won’t have to settle for energy-efficient windows that don’t beautify your home. The slender window frames are strong enough to cradle an unusually large expanse of glass, and they create a streamlined appearance that will complement any style of home. Plus, they’re made to order and available in a variety of styles.

To find out how you can have these beautiful and energy-efficient windows expertly installed at your home in the Mariemont area, contact Holmes Custom Renovations today.