The Best Fiber Cement Siding Contractor Serving Homeowners in Loveland, OH

fiber-cement-siding-contractors-lovelandIf you’re searching for fiber cement siding contractors because you’re planning to replace the siding of your home in the Loveland, Ohio, area, look no further than Holmes Custom Renovations. We’re not only a trusted James Hardie Elite Preferred Partner, but we’re the No. 1 contractor in the state for this well-known brand of fiber cement siding. We’ve chosen to offer and install Hardie siding for our customers because it delivers the best value in terms of appearance, durability, and energy efficiency for homeowners in this region.

The Endearing Look of Wood Without All the Headaches

One of the top reasons that homeowners choose James Hardie® siding is its uncanny resemblance to real wood. In fact, many owners of historic homes choose to protect them with Hardie fiber cement siding, which so closely resembles wood that it helps preserve the original charm of the venerable structure. However, thanks to the qualities of ultra-durable fiber cement and the manufacturer’s ColorPlus® technology, Hardie siding requires far less maintenance than wood siding.

Exceptional Energy Efficiency and Weather Resistance

When you choose Hardie siding, your home will be protected by a shield that’s specifically engineered to stand up to the weather in the region where you live. Plus, when you opt for insulated Hardie siding, your cladding can potentially help you lower your heating and cooling costs. As a longtime fiber cement siding contractor, we’ll be happy to help you sort through all of the protective options available from the manufacturer so that you can get the best value for your investment.

Industry-Leading Warranties

James Hardie has developed a reputation for providing some of the best warranties on all of its products, including the siding, trim, and finish. Additionally, when you turn to Holmes Custom Renovations for your siding replacement, you’ll be assured of an expert installation that’s backed by a five-year workmanship warranty, which few fiber cement siding contractors offer.

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