Why Are Fiberglass Windows the Best Choice for Your House in the Cincinnati, OH, Area?

house-windows-cincinnati-ohWhen it comes to the architectural elements of your house, your windows are the ultimate multitaskers. A beautiful window will lend your home a touch of pizzazz while protecting your indoor areas from water and air infiltration and allowing natural light to stream in. Many homeowners probably assume any window they purchase can handle these tasks. But in the Cincinnati area and throughout the Ohio Valley, the weather can take its toll on windows and compromise their ability to get the job(s) done.

How Seasonal Temperature Changes Can Affect House Windows

In this part of the country, we experience frigid winters and hot, humid summers, and often the temperatures waver back and forth between seasons. House windows that are constructed using vinyl or wood frames will expand and contract as the temperature changes, which can lead to seal failure. What’s more, vinyl windows can warp and discolor in the summer heat, while wood-frame windows are susceptible to termites and rot. Plus, wood-frame windows need to be repainted every few years to retain their curb appeal.

Fiberglass Windows Offer the Best Combination of Beauty & Protection

When you choose fiberglass windows from Holmes Custom Renovations, you won’t have to worry about the weather affecting their performance. We offer custom-manufactured, high-quality fiberglass windows that will look beautiful, provide an expansive view of the outdoors, and protect your home’s interior from air infiltration and heat transfer that could drive up your energy bills.

Unlike other common window frame materials, fiberglass doesn’t expand and contract when the temperature changes, so you’ll enjoy the maximum protection against seal failure. Plus, the superior strength of these house windows means they won’t warp the way vinyl windows can, and they’re not susceptible to termites, rot, or splitting the way wood-frame windows are.

Another advantage of turning to our company for beautiful fiberglass house windows is the expert installation you’ll receive from highly skilled employees of our company – never subcontractors. In fact, we have such a high degree of confidence in our employees’ expertise that we back every installation with a five-year workmanship warranty.

Contact Holmes Custom Renovations today to learn about the aesthetic options and other features available with the fiberglass windows we install for homeowners throughout the Cincinnati area.