Fiberglass vs. Vinyl Windows: Which Are Best for Your Home in Cincinnati, OH?

double-hung-windowsWhen it comes to replacement windows, the matchup of the 21st century has to be fiberglass frames versus vinyl ones. Although there are caveats related to the quality of materials and construction that vary by brand, the clear winner for homeowners in the Cincinnati area is fiberglass. And here are only a few of the reasons:

Weather Resistance

The climate in Cincinnati and surrounding Ohio communities is hot and humid in the summer and bitterly cold in the winter. Moreover, temperatures often fluctuate dramatically from one day to the next. These climate characteristics can take a toll on windows, causing them to swell and shrink as the temperatures change. Over the years, this expansion-and-contraction cycle can undermine the integrity of the window seal, which can expose a home’s interior to air and moisture infiltration. Fiberglass is far more resistant to shrinking and swelling than vinyl, and it’s eight times stronger, which means it won’t warp or bow the way vinyl-frame windows often do.

Exceptionally Sleek Design

Thanks to their superior strength, fiberglass window frames can be much slimmer than vinyl ones without compromising the integrity of the window seal. This means homeowners can get windows with large expanses of glass that allow for ample views of the outdoors, a perk that vinyl-frame windows can’t match. What’s more, many homeowners find that the streamlined appearance of fiberglass windows delivers an extra dose of curb appeal.

Superior, Long-Lasting Performance

Industry experts say high-quality fiberglass windows are likely to grace your home in style for at least 50 years, while a similar grade of vinyl windows will probably need replacement in about 30 years. When it comes to thermal performance, a well-constructed vinyl window with insulating glass can meet ENERGY STAR® certification standards, but fiberglass is a better-insulating frame material because it doesn’t conduct heat. This means your high-caliber fiberglass replacement windows are more likely to pay for themselves because the savings on your energy bills will mount up as the decades go by.

More Aesthetic Options

Depending on the window manufacturer, both fiberglass and vinyl windows are available in a broad array of colors. However, if you decide you want to change your frame color in the future—say, because you’re painting your house a different color that doesn’t coordinate well with your windows—you won’t be able to paint your vinyl window frames. However, fiberglass can be painted. Additionally, though some manufacturers claim to provide realistic woodgrain simulations for their interior window frames, the truth is that skillfully textured fiberglass is far superior to vinyl when it comes to mimicking the look of genuine wood.

Where to Find High-Performance Fiberglass Windows

If you’re in the market for replacement windows for your home in the Cincinnati area, make sure you consider the Infinity® fiberglass windows available from Holmes Custom Renovations before you make an investment. These top-of-the-line windows outperform conventional vinyl windows on just about any metric you could name—and that’s why they score highly in customer satisfaction surveys year after year. You’ll also be able to count on us for an expert window installation backed by a remarkable five-year workmanship warranty.

Contact Holmes Custom Renovations today for more information about why our fiberglass windows are the best choice for your Cincinnati home. We can also tell you about the financing options available to homeowners who qualify.