Your Guide to Window Replacement Trends for 2022

guide-replacement-window-trendsIs 2022 the year you finally replace those outdated windows you’ve reluctantly lived with since you moved into your home a few years ago? Good for you! And you’ll be happy to learn that, in this case, procrastination delivers some unexpected benefits. Why? Because you’ll be able to take advantage of recent window treatment trends that generate a hefty boost in curb appeal and energy efficiency—even more so than in the past.

When it comes to window replacement options, there are two primary drivers of change:

  1. Shifts in the way people feel about their homes, which are now more than ever the place where they sleep, eat, work, learn, and play
  2. Advancements in window construction and materials that lead to even greater rewards for those who invest in home window replacement

In this article, we’ll explore how these trends affect homeowner choices when it comes to replacement windows.

Aesthetically Speaking

One of the hottest window replacement trends is the gravitation toward dark—especially black—window frames. For centuries, white window frames were the norm, no matter the style or color of the home they adorned. However, more and more exterior home designers are recommending black, bronze, or dark gray window frames and grilles as aesthetic options that can turn almost any home from a ho-hum abode to the neighborhood standout. And, as homeowners spend more time looking at their indoor and outdoor décors, many are loving the dramatic visual effects of going over to the dark side.

Are black windows right for your home? Answering these questions can help you decide:

  • What’s your home’s architectural style? Generally speaking, black windows look best on modern home styles, although many people with classic houses are pleased with the results of choosing black frames for their replacement windows.
  • What color is your home? The answer to this question may have even more bearing on your selection of a window frame color than the type of home architecture you have. Black window frames have the most striking visual effect when paired with light-colored walls—and this will be true both inside and outside your home.
  • What type of replacement windows do you plan to buy? Fiberglass windows are by far the best choice for homeowners who want black frames. The extraordinary strength of fiberglass allows for construction of ultra-slim window frames that look stunning in black. Moreover, fiberglass doesn’t absorb moisture the way wood does or expand and contract the way vinyl does. This high-level weather resistance is one of the primary reasons why fiberglass windows have been growing in popularity among homeowners. In fact, many exterior home remodelers caution against black vinyl windows because darker colors absorb more heat—one of the top enemies of vinyl windows.

Another plus of investing in black fiberglass-frame windows is that they can be painted if you decide later that you’d prefer a different color. Vinyl window frames are not designed to be painted.

Practical Matters

Recent dramatic fluctuations in fuel prices combined with the work-from-home trend have led more homeowners to consider investing in energy-efficient upgrades that can help them keep their energy bills in check. Indeed, improving energy efficiency has long been among the top reasons why homeowners replace their windows. But now they may also wish to consider investing in optional features that can maximize their new windows’ thermal performance.

For example, Marvin’s Infinity® fiberglass windows are available with up to four layers of low-emissivity (low-E) coating, including a layer on the interior side of the glass, to provide maximum reduction of heat transfer.

Plus, if you’re among the many homeowners who’s spending more time indoors, you’ll want to invest in replacement windows that allow lots of visible light to stream into your home while minimizing the amount of harmful UV rays that make their way inside. This means you’ll want to look for windows with a high visible transmittance (VT) score.

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