Choose Hardie Siding for Your Home in Madeira, OH

hardie-siding-madeira-ohYou’re hardly alone if you’ve been picturing your Madeira-area home wrapped in beautiful Hardie siding. In fact, this siding has become one of the most sought-after cladding options throughout the Ohio Valley, where residents are known for demanding top value for their home improvement investments. And no one insists on providing the best bang for the buck like Holmes Custom Renovations. When you partner with our company for your upcoming Hardie siding installation, we’ll help you fulfill your aesthetic vision for your home while also letting you know about options that can boost its energy efficiency and weather resistance.

What Is Hardie Siding?

Hardie siding is exquisitely crafted from ultra-durable fiber cement so that it bears an uncanny resemblance to real wood. Yet it requires far less upkeep than its authentic wood counterpart, and it’s much less susceptible to damage from rot, termites, fire, and other natural enemies. What’s more, it won’t swell, crack, or warp the way vinyl siding does. But not just any fiber cement siding will do. James Hardie is the industry’s leader when it comes to quality and innovation. Among the most significant innovations for Ohio residents is the HardieZone® System, through which your siding will be engineered to perform at its best in the specific climate where you live.

Long-Lasting Performance

One of the biggest reasons that so many homeowners replace their vinyl or wood siding with Hardie siding is its enduring beauty. Hardie siding products are backed by some of the best warranties in the industry – up to 50 years for some products, as well as a 15-year warranty that covers paint and labor.

Expert Installation

Even the best warranties may not be honored if your siding is not properly installed. Holmes Custom Renovations has been a James Hardie Elite Preferred Partner since 2008, and we’re also the No. 1 Hardie siding contractor in the state. This means you can count on us to install your siding properly so that it performs as advertised.

Are you ready to learn more about the Hardie siding options we have available? Contact Holmes Custom Renovations today to schedule a free consultation at your Madeira-area home.