Choosing New Windows for Your Home in Loveland, OH? Read This First

home-windows-lovelandAds for replacement windows seem to multiply like rabbits these days, and maybe they have you thinking about replacing the windows in your home. After all, many of these ads claim that new windows can boost your home’s curb appeal, reduce your heating and cooling costs, and keep you from having to repaint your windows every few years.

In truth, technological advancements in the window industry have made many of these claims a reality. However, if you live in the Loveland, Ohio, area, not every window on the market will deliver the best value for your home. At Holmes Custom Renovations, we have a long history of helping our customers in this region get high-caliber upgrades that won’t disappoint them. If you’re planning to replace your home windows, we encourage you to consider these important factors before you buy:

Our Climate

It takes a special kind of window to perform well in regions like ours, where the temperatures swing from brutally cold in the winter to sizzling hot in the summer. And Infinity® from Marvin fiberglass windows are up to the task. These windows won’t expand and contract as the temperatures change, a characteristic that helps preserve the integrity of the window seal. We offer these home windows because of their weather resistance and ENERGY STAR® certification, which means you can feel confident that they’ll help you minimize your energy consumption and thus potentially help you save on heating and cooling costs.

Installation Expertise

No matter which replacement windows you’re considering for your home, you’ll likely spend a lot of time sorting through the options so you can get all the aesthetic and functional features you want most. Do you also give equal thought to the installation? It’s important that you do because improperly installed windows are unlikely to deliver the benefits you expect to receive for your investment and, worse, they can expose your home to leaks that could translate into structural damage down the road. At Holmes Custom Renovations, all of our home window installations are performed by our own highly trained employees and backed by our exceptional five-year workmanship warranty.

Ready to learn more? Contact Holmes Custom Renovations today for more information about the fiberglass windows we install at homes throughout the Loveland area.