Roof Replacement

Time to Replace Your Old Roof? Holmes Custom Renovations Can Help!

The lifespan of typical asphalt roof in Cincinnati, Ohio is about 20 years. We say typical because of course all roofs are different, based on the craftsmanship and materials used by the roofing contractor. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t give much thought to their roof until they realize they have a problem, like leaking or missing shingles.

Here are a few questions to help determine whether you should be looking for a roofing contractor in Cincinnati:

  • Do you know how old your roof is?
    If you purchased (rather than built) your existing home, you may need to go back to your closing paperwork to determine the answer. Otherwise, a roofing contractor may be able to guesstimate, based on the condition of your roof.
  • Are the materials under warranty?
    Most likely, you would only know the answer to this question if it was built for you, rather than a previous owner. If your home is less than ten years old, it may still be under warranty.
  • Are there any trees or branches obscuring the roof?
    If there are, they may be wearing away the roof shingles. Also, tree limbs from nearby trees may fall on the roof due to wind, heavy snow or ice. If the tree limb is weakened by disease it might not take much for it to snap.

If after asking the following questions, you aren’t sure of the answers or aren’t satisfied with the results, it makes sense to contact a roofing contractor in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

They can help you determine the answers to the above questions, and give you a definite answer about the condition of your roof and whether or not its time to replace it. They’ll quickly and easily examine your roof, looking for things that you may not realize are warning signs of roof replacement.

You shouldn’t wait until your roof tells you it needs to be replaced. Oftentimes, major leaks in your living space are costly and completely avoidable. Holmes Custom Remodeling can come out and take a look at your existing roof and make repair or replacement suggestions before you have a problem.

5 Year Warranty on Roofing Installation Workmanship

Unlike other roofing contractors in Cincinnati, OH, Holmes Custom Renovations guarantees that one contractor will manage all aspects of your project, from planning to installation. Rather than trying to juggle different contacts, you can relax knowing that one dedicated expert is in charge of your roofing remodeling project. We are committed to making sure your new roof is installed right the first time or we make it right until we do.

We are so sure that you will be satisfied with your new roof we offer a 5 Year Warranty on Workmanship + 30 Year to Lifetime Product Guarantee. You can be assured that we will work with you until your roof is just right – even after completion.