Elegant, Weather-Resistant Patio Covers for Homes in West Chester, OH

patio-covers-west-chester-ohA backyard is meant to be more than just a buffering space between you and your neighbors. It’s an extension of your home that can provide a wealth of opportunities for taking in the fresh air, hosting a barbecue without allowing heat and smoke to get indoors, and creating the ideal ambiance with attractive landscaping. Fortunately, the West Chester, Ohio, climate provides lots of days that are ideal for outdoor living. But a patio cover or pergola will help you maximize the use of your property by providing protection from the weather when Mother Nature is not in a generous mood.

If you have an existing patio or deck, the home remodeling experts at Holmes Custom Renovations can install beautiful, ultra-sturdy patio roofing that will enhance your outdoor living space beyond your expectations. With columns and roofing forged from aircraft-grade extruded aluminum and bolstered by stainless-steel fasteners and anchors, our patio covers will:

  • Stand firm in winds of up to 175 mph
  • Withstand the weight of heavy snowfall
  • Resist corrosion in our often-humid climate

We also install gorgeous freestanding pergolas—built from the same weather-resistant materials as our patio covers—that instantly add a heavy dose of visual intrigue to any backyard or garden.

Enduring Patio Covers With an Elegant Design

Our patio roofing options are available in a wide variety of styles, any of which you’d be proud to show off when guests visit your home. And no matter which type of patio cover you receive from Holmes Custom Renovations, it will be backed by our remarkable five-year installation warranty as well as the outstanding warranty you’ll receive from the manufacturer.

Holmes Custom Renovations takes pride in being the go-to source for a wide variety of outdoor living upgrades, all of which are designed to deliver long-lasting value in the West Chester climate. In addition to patio covers and pergolas, we install patio doors and Trex® decks. Contact us today for more information.