Patio Doors Installed for Homes in Cincinnati, OH & Nearby Areas

Elegant patio doors can help add charm to any outdoor living space in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area by bringing the outdoors in. At Holmes Custom Renovations, we’re proud to offer premium sliding glass doors and swinging French doors made by Infinity from Marvin, a leading producer of energy-efficient home products and solutions. What many people don’t realize is that the large glass surfaces of most patio doors makes them a veritable heat sink, allowing warmth to flow into the house on hot summer days and letting heat escape during the winter. Fortunately, that’s not the case with the products made by Infinity from Marvin.

Our patio doors are made of Ultrex pultruded fiberglass, a material that is immensely thermally efficient – in fact, Ultrex is a full 500 times less conductive than aluminum. Our doors also feature low-emissivity (low-E2) glass that is designed to reflect the sun’s heat, and have an inert argon gas fill to act as a heat buffer. Combined, these features can help keep your home’s internal temperature stable, decreasing the workload placed on your climate control system and helping to drive energy costs down.

Remarkably Weather-Resistant Patio Doors

Our fiberglass patio doors will not only help boost your home’s energy efficiency, but they’ll also stand up to the rigors of our Ohio Valley climate better than doors made from less-hardy materials like wood and vinyl. Unlike wood, fiberglass doesn’t absorb moisture. It won’t rot or fall victim to insect infestation. And, compared with both wood-frame and vinyl-frame patio doors, our fiberglass doors are far more resistant to shrinking and swelling during seasonal temperature changes. This characteristic translates into many years of smooth operation. It also helps preserve the integrity of the seal between the glass and frames, which means you can count on your patio doors to keep your climate-controlled air inside your home and the outdoor air outside where it belongs.

Moreover, our fiberglass doors also won’t rust or corrode the way metal doors do. The weather resistance of our patio doors ensures that they’ll retain their beauty and functionality for years with almost no upkeep required beyond an occasional cleaning.

Plenty of Aesthetic Features to Choose From

Just because you’re making a smart choice about durability and functionality doesn’t mean you’ll have to compromise on the aesthetic appearance of your new patio doors. Your Infinity doors will be precisely sized to fit the opening in your home, and you’ll have a generous array of customization options to choose from.

In fact, the two styles of patio doors we offer Cincinnati-area homeowners—Infinity sliding doors and inswing and outswing French doors—are available in several colors and styles to suit your aesthetic preferences. Our French-style sliding patio doors, which can be sized to fit custom openings, boast wide stiles and a tall bottom rail for a traditional look. They are available in seven exterior frame colors and five interior finish colors, including EverWood®, a simulated woodgrain option that can be stained to match any woodwork inside your home.

Expert Installation Comes Standard

No matter what patio door style and options you choose, your purchase will be flawlessly installed by highly trained technicians. Holmes Custom Renovations is an authorized Infinity dealer, which means you can count on us to strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s installation specifications.

To learn more about the energy-efficient and eye-catching Infinity from Marvin patio doors that we install for homeowners in Cincinnati and surrounding communities, contact Holmes Custom Renovations today. Be sure to ask about financing options that may be available on our home improvement products.