Should You Replace Your Windows One at a Time or All at Once?

replace-windows-one-at-time-all-at-onceHomeowners who are thinking about replacing their windows often ask whether it’s better to tackle the project one window at a time or replace all their windows at once. There’s no simple answer to this question. A homeowner who has a fast-deteriorating window with a broken seal should probably replace that window right away, regardless of whether a whole-house window replacement is within financial reach. This is because a damaged window will expose your home to air and insect infiltration. Even worse is the potential for water leaks that can cause wood rot and other hidden damage in the walls of your home.

Benefits of Replacing Multiple Windows at Once

If you can afford to replace all of your windows at once, it makes sense to do so because you’ll reap more rewards than you would by tackling your project one window at a time. Here are a few of the advantages you can expect:

A More Coordinated Look for Your Home Décor

Replacing as many of your windows as possible with high-quality products from the same manufacturer will allow you to more easily achieve a tasteful, harmonious appearance for your home’s exterior façade, and that will deliver the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to curb appeal.

Maximum Energy Efficiency Improvements

If you’re replacing your windows to improve your home’s energy efficiency—an excellent idea—then you’ll see the most noticeable effect on your utility bills if you replace all of your windows at once.

Less Inconvenience During Installation

Although having multiple windows installed at once is likely to take longer than a single window installation, an experienced and reputable window replacement contractor will take steps to minimize the disruption to your household routine. And, once all your new windows are installed, you won’t have to worry about scheduling future window purchases and installations in the future.

Potential Financial Rewards

When you replace multiple windows at once, you’ll be more likely to qualify for price discounts and financing incentives that can make your project more affordable.

If you’re planning to replace the windows of your home in the Cincinnati area, make sure you consider partnering with Holmes Custom Renovations. We expertly install premium Infinity® fiberglass windows, and we’ll be delighted to tell you about the financing options available to qualified homeowners. Contact us today for more information.