Are You Replacing the Windows of Your Home in Montgomery, OH? Turn to the Experts at Holmes Custom Renovations

sliding-window-montgomery-ohReplacing the windows of your home can be an exciting time, as you picture how beautiful your house will look when it’s sporting the products you see in a manufacturer’s showroom or online catalog. If you want to enjoy lasting pride and satisfaction in your new windows, however, you’ll invest a little time in choosing both your replacement windows and your installer. Fortunately, if you live in the Montgomery area, you can shop at one place to get both premium-quality windows and expert installation services: Holmes Custom Renovations.

‘Best of the Best’ Is Our Achievement & Our Ongoing Goal

Since we began serving homeowners in this part of Ohio in 2003, we’ve racked up numerous awards for delivering the highest-quality exterior remodeling products and services, including a Best of the Best Award for the Greater Cincinnati area. We insist on installing windows and other home upgrades that will provide a lasting value to our customers. Many homeowners who are replacing their drafty, outdated windows want to improve the energy efficiency of their homes while also choosing windows that will stand the test of time and require little upkeep. That’s why we install premium fiberglass windows.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Wood or Vinyl Windows with Fiberglass

The fiberglass windows we install are made to order for each customer by one of the nation’s leading manufacturers. The exceptional strength of fiberglass allows for slender frames and a more expansive glass area in comparison to vinyl and wood windows. This translates into a better view of the outdoors. Other features include:

  • Energy efficiency that can potentially help you cut your home’s heating and cooling costs
  • Exceptional resistance to expansion and contraction, which reduces the risk of seal failure and air leakage
  • Aesthetic options that will allow you to indulge your personal taste and style

If you’re planning on replacing the windows of your home in the Montgomery area, contact Holmes Custom Renovations today. We’ll be happy to discuss your project and help you choose the best fiberglass windows to grace your home today and for many years to come.