Need New Sliding Glass Doors for Your Home in Amberley Village, OH?

sliding-glass-doors-amberley-villageThe rolling terrain dotted with trees and ponds is one of the joys of having a home in Amberley Village. So if you live in this community, you’ll want sliding glass doors that allow you to make the most of those lovely views. However, if you’re replacing corroded patio doors that no longer open and close with ease, you know that beauty isn’t everything. You also want new doors that will deliver long-lasting performance despite the challenges of the Ohio Valley climate.

Fortunately, the home improvement experts at Holmes Custom Renovations have the ideal solution: hardwearing Infinity® fiberglass patio doors from the innovators at Marvin. The fiberglass frames of these sliding glass doors are eight times as strong as vinyl and three times as strong as wood, thus allowing them to securely hold extra-large expanses of glass. This helps you feel like there’s nothing between you and the great outdoors, even though you’re gazing out from inside your home.

Moreover, fiberglass doesn’t absorb moisture. It’s exceptionally resistant to shrinking and swelling, which makes Infinity patio doors an excellent fit for the high humidity and seasonal temperature changes of the Ohio Valley climate. And Marvin is a recognized industry leader for its energy-efficient windows and doors, so you can have confidence that your new Infinity doors will help keep your heating and cooling costs in check.

Additional Features That Distinguish Our Patio Doors

At Holmes Custom Renovations, we understand that homeowners expect their upgrades to look and function the way they want them to. That’s why we offer a variety of patio door size and style options, including:

  • Traditional and simulated French-style sliding glass doors in two-, three-, or four-panel configurations that can fit openings of up to 16 feet wide
  • Bi-fold glass doors in configurations of up to seven panels and 22 feet wide
  • Traditional swinging French doors in one-, two-, or three-panel configurations and customizable to fit nearly any opening

You’ll also have an ample selection of frame colors to choose from, including black, a window and patio door frame choice that creates an extra touch of sophistication.

Ready to Learn More?

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