What Are Fiberglass Windows? Are They a Smart Choice for Your Cincinnati Home?

what-are-fiberglass-windowsWhen industry professionals talk about fiberglass windows, they’re referring to the type of material used for the frames. If you’re a homeowner preparing to replace your windows, the frame material will be one of the first choices you’ll make, and it’s of the utmost importance. Your selection of the frame material can affect your replacement windows’ energy efficiency, longevity, and need for ongoing maintenance to keep them looking beautiful and performing well.

Fiberglass Windows Have Been Gaining in Popularity

Fiberglass is a non-organic material that’s essentially composed of glass fibers and resin. This material was prized for its insulative properties long before manufacturers began using it to make window frames. However, its performance as a window-frame material far surpasses the more traditional choices of wood windows and vinyl windows, especially in variable climates like the one in Cincinnati and throughout the Ohio Valley. Here are only a few of the reasons why more and more homeowners are requesting fiberglass replacement windows:

Inherent Resistance to Weather Damage

Fiberglass has superior resistance to shrinking and swelling during temperature changes, which means the all-important window seal between the frame and the glass will endure less stress as the years go by. Moreover, fiberglass doesn’t absorb moisture or attract termites the way wood does, making fiberglass windows impervious to rot and insect damage. And they resist warping and cracking far better than vinyl windows.

An Energy-Efficient Choice

Unlike the aluminum-frame windows that many homes are built with, fiberglass window frames don’t conduct heat. This means they’ll help your home maintain a consistent indoor temperature year-round. High-quality fiberglass windows that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® standards can rival or even surpass the energy efficiency of vinyl or wood windows. This means fiberglass window replacements can help you keep your heating and cooling bills in check.

An Eye-Catching Appearance

Fiberglass is a far stronger material than either wood or vinyl. This means fiberglass window frames can be much slimmer than those of other types of windows without compromising the integrity of the window seal. The ultra-slender frames create a sleek, take-notice appearance, and the extra-large expanses of glass you see in fiberglass windows provide exceptionally broad views of the outdoors.

Are All Fiberglass Windows the Same?

As with any home remodeling product on the market, the quality of fiberglass windows can vary according to the manufacturer’s standards for innovation and craftsmanship. Even if you’re sold on the benefits of choosing fiberglass replacement windows for your home, you’ll want to dig a little deeper into the performance record of any fiberglass windows you’re considering. Or, if you’re in the Cincinnati area, you can just turn to Holmes Custom Renovations to get some of the best-performing fiberglass windows on the market.

We’ve been outfitting local homes with high-performance replacement windows since our founding in 2003, and we heartily recommend Infinity® from Marvin fiberglass windows. This is the elite line of replacement windows from a manufacturer that is highly respected in the industry and has a proven track record for satisfying customers.

Some of the reasons why Infinity fiberglass windows are the best on the market include:

  • Exclusive features like Ultrex® fiberglass and proprietary acrylic finish applications that maximize the windows’ longevity and low-maintenance benefits
  • An exceptionally broad spectrum of customization options, including frame colors ranging from traditional white to trendy black, with several options in between
  • The option of choosing EverWood®, a nonorganic material that looks and stains like wood, for your interior window frames

Insist on an Expert Installation

No matter how wonderful your new fiberglass windows are, they’re unlikely to perform as advertised if they’re not expertly installed. Fortunately, you’ll have no worries about that when you partner with Holmes Custom Renovations. We’re the local authorized dealer and installer for Infinity fiberglass windows, which means we demonstrated our product knowledge and installation expertise to secure this coveted credential.

If you’re in the Cincinnati area, contact Holmes Custom Renovations today to learn more about our high-performing fiberglass windows.