What Is the Best Decking Material to Choose in the Cincinnati, OH, Area?

what-is-best-deckingNo matter what type of deck you have in mind, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is what decking material to use for construction. In the past, deck contractors were limited to offering their customers choices that all revolved around wood, typically pressure-treated to increase its weather resistance.

Today’s homeowners have lots of additional options, including PVC plastic and a variety of composite decking materials. Generally, the best decking material for you will depend on your aesthetic tastes, willingness to perform periodic maintenance, and price. In the Cincinnati, Ohio, area, Trex® decking is easily the best decking material to choose if you prize the beauty of a traditional wooden deck but you don’t want to be bothered with intensive upkeep to keep it looking great year after year.

It’s also important to remember that you’ll need a lot more than the best deck boards to create the ideal outdoor living experience. Trex offers extra-hardwearing fasteners, protective joist tape, an under-deck drainage system, a generous selection of colors, and a vast array of accessories so you can bring your dream deck to life without compromising on quality and aesthetic appeal.

Trex Decking Stands Up to the Ohio Valley Climate

The longevity of your new deck will depend largely on the climate where you live. In the Cincinnati area, winter temperatures often plunge below freezing, summers are sizzling hot, and there can be wide variations in temperature the rest of the year. The region also has an exceptionally moist climate, with above-average rainfall and year-round high humidity. All of this adds up to a climate that can accelerate the deterioration of a traditional wooden deck—even one that has been pressure-treated to deter termites.

Trex composite decking is far more resistant to shrinking and swelling than both wood and PVC decking, which means it won’t crack after years of exposure to fluctuating temperatures and moisture. Plus, unlike wood—even naturally hardy cedar—Trex decking won’t splinter. It also resists fading better than other types of decking, so you won’t have to worry that the color you choose for your deck installation will look totally different and may not suit your tastes a few years down the road.

Vetted Deck Builders for Your Peace of Mind

Hiring the right deck contractor is just as important as selecting the best decking materials for your project. With its TrexPro® deck builder program, Trex helps homeowners find deck construction partners they can count on to build a high-quality deck that will deliver the manufacturer’s advertised benefits. To receive this coveted credential, TrexPro deck builders must demonstrate an exceptional level of skill and dedication to customer service. In the Cincinnati area, only Holmes Custom Renovations has earned the TrexPro Platinum deck contractor distinction—the highest honor in the manufacturer’s credentialing program.

This means you can feel confident partnering with us for your upcoming deck installation, whether it’s a relatively simple project or an elaborate, multilevel affair with catwalks, a spiral staircase, an outdoor kitchen, and built-in seating. What’s more, because we’re a TrexPro Platinum deck builder, the manufacturer will back our workmanship with a five-year labor warranty on top of the outstanding 25-year product warranty. And, if you also choose Trex railing for your project, Trex will double the labor warranty to 10 years.

Ready to Learn More?

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